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Adco Group

Adco Power Ltd. is an industrial electrical/mechanical firm working in the utility, energy,oilfield and mining sectors. Adco’s primary focus has been electrical power systems, fuel storage, and water pumping and sewage treatment facilities. In addition we have refitted old power plants and relocated operations to entirely new and client specific modular power facilities. Since 2009 the Adco group has been involved in oilfiled fabrication .Adco’s comprehensive service includes design, assembly, fabrication, installation, testing, maintenance, and supply of labour.

About Adco Power

Adco Power has years of expertise in executing mechanical and electrical contracting services to customers around the globe. Adco Power is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a logistically advantageous location. Each project has its own personality; technical requirements, site location, topography, transportation, communications, training, and local customs all factor in. We evaluate every detail of our work. Check out our projects for an overview of our work.

About Adco North

The Adco North Branch of the Adco Group of Companies delivers rapid response services and long-term support to our customers. Based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, in the Canadian Arctic, Adco North is a critical link in our infrastructure that enables larger, more complex projects in remote regions. If your project is in the North, we deliver fast and efficient results.

About Adco Ikpiaryuk

Adco Ikpiaryuk, a subsidiary branch of the Adco group of companies, was established in 2009 and is located in Artic Bay, Nunavut. Adco Ikpiaryuk provides industrial construction services to remote hamlets in Nunavut for a variety of Territorial government departments and crown corporations.

We believe in community

Since 1993, the Adco Group of Companies has built an art collection of work from the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Ontario, the Cayman Islands, and Guatemala, supporting artists in the many remote communities in which we work. We reproduce these works on annual calendars and Christmas cards. Browse our gallery to view a sample collection of art from the various regions we serve.

We believe in safety

Training in safety, plus constant updating of our safety program, ensures that all staff and clients of Adco finish each shift safe and healthy.

Adco’s commitment to safety and environmental issues has created an outstanding record. Adco was selected as one of the safest companies in Alberta and received a Work Safe Alberta 2006 Best Safety Performer Award, given to only 300 of Alberta’s 140,000 employers.

Adco has been a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association since 2001.

Adco is also a member of the PICS Safety & Compliance Association

Adco is a member of Complyworks and Browz Associations as well as C.O.R certified.



Our strategic partners

Adco Group maintains a working relationship with several world-class associates. td McCuaig Desrochers LLP pwc_logo lawson lloydsadd

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Our promise in action.

We will provide superior services to our clients in the global marketplace.

To do so, we must attract, retain, and motivate great people; build an organization that allows those people to prosper in all areas of their lives; have a positive effect on the communities where we work; and earn loyalty by being an organization with which others are proud to be associated.

Our work takes us to urban and remote locations. Since our inception we have completed projects in:

  • Canada
    • Alberta
    • Ontario
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
  • United States of America
    • California
    • New York
    • Tennessee
  • Central and South America
    • Chile
    • El Salvador
    • Caribbean
    • Cayman Islands